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UK Wit Forum - About Us

To begin with, the UK Wit Forum is basically a place of fun. Indeed, as the name suggests, our base is in Great Britain. However, we will never exclude anyone from anywhere in the world. In fact, we encourage people to join wherever they live. This is because humour is the same the world over. Of course we all love to see what other people laugh at.

However, some jokes and humour doesn't travel and we understand this. But, if you are able to give humour, you should be able to take it too, whatever it is. With this in mind, if you easily take offence, please leave and don't return. Likewise, if you wish spoil other people's fun, you can take a hike now as we don't allow miserable people to join.

Obviously, we have rules that state people should stick with the laws of their country. Since, political correctness and the lack of free speech will not allow various forms of wit, this should ensure fairness. But basically, common sense should prevail at all times.

Indeed, our categories include all forms of humour not just the intelligent stuff. For example, we cover everything from local fun poking to political satire. In order to clarify things, if you think something is funny, post it here. However, remember the rules of the forum and of course the law!

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The name of our forum is the UK Wit Forum but could easily have the name Fun Forum. Also people could call it the Jokes Forum, Funny Forum or Humour Forum etc. It matters not what name people use, because the forum is all about chilling out and having fun.

So, join us at the UK Wit Forum today and post as many witty posts as you can. Indeed, we have a ranking system in place that encourages people to post often. In other words, your rank expands as your post count increases.

Just to point out that we also have a UK Wit Blog too. However, both the Witty Blog and the Witty Forum are separate entities. Therefore, as a guide, join the Witty Blog to make the bigger posts, ie over 200 words and join the forum for the shorter posts. But, we would like you to join both if you have the time. In other words, make UK Wit your home and help brighten up the lives of others.

Finally, welcome to old and new members alike. Obviously we hope that you enjoy your time at UK Wit. So, bookmark us and post often.