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UK Wit Information Pages

As a responsible forum host, we need to ensure things run smoothly. Therefore, this forum is the serious side of the Fuckwit Forum. You need to take note of what is here from time to time.
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UK Wit Information Pages

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UK Wit Information Pages

Indeed, the UK Wit Forum now has separate pages for certain information.
Obviously, they remain static pages as they will hardly change.
However, they do affect the way these fun message boards operate.
Therefore, we list below the most important static pages below.
But please be aware that you can access these pages from any page on the UK Wit boards

About Us - an explanation

Obviously, this static page is what we are all about here at the UK Wit Forum.
We explain why we exist and also who we are.
So, for the About Us page, click here.

Privacy Policy - easy to understand

Obviously, you need to know that your visit here to the UK Wit Forum is safe etc.
Therefore, we have an easy to understand Privacy Policy to put your mind at ease.
So, to view our Privacy Policy, click here.

UK Wit Forum Rules

It is important to have a few rules at the UK Wit Forum to help the place run a lot smoother.
However, we don't have too many, we basically want you to stay legal and use a little common sense.
This will help you stay away from trouble.
Therefore, to view the UK With Forum rules, click here.

To Sum Up

In effect, we need these pages to help us manage the message boards a lot better.
Obviously, the static pages above may change from time to time.
With this in mind, refer to them from time to time.
Finally, if you need to clarify anything, contact us.

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