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Avatars Are Ready For All At UK Wit

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Avatars Are Ready For All At UK Wit

Post by Robbie »

Avatars Are Ready For All At UK Wit

Here at the UK Wit Forum, we are all about fun.
With this in mind, we are allowing avatars for the maximum effect.
Indeed, members may upload their own avatar here on the witty forum.
Alternatively, members may use the pool of images in the gallery.
Avatars should be no bigger than 120 megapixels wide or tall.
My avatar is maximum size so they are quite big.

So, to get you your avatar up and running here at UK Wit, follow these instructions:
Go to 'User Control Panel', then go to 'Profile', then 'Edit Avatar' here you can use the drop down boxes and mess about.
Use your imagination but please note that UK Wit's rules still apply to avatars too.

Obviously, while you are here, why not make a humorous post or two.
The UK Wit is here to relax and chill out, so please feel free to do so.
Get your avatar up as soon as possible.

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