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Tommy Cooper - One of Britain's finest comedians.

In this forum you can tell us who has just died of course. However, you may also post articles about those witty people who died ages ago. In fact, tell us about anyone who has ever made you laugh that is not with us now!
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Tommy Cooper - One of Britain's finest comedians.

Post by Happy Jack » Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:41 am

Tommy Cooper - One of Britain's finest comedians.

Just thought I would post my little bit about Tommy Cooper while I was thinking about him just there.
Although he died on 15 April 1984, he left his mark here in the UK.
He actually died while doing a live TV show.
I am not sure if his humour travelled across the globe, maybe someone can enlighten me.

Tommy blended a mixture of comedy and 'failed' magic but that was his show.
He was massive on and off TV standing at 6 foot 4 inches.
Great man who still makes me laugh when I see some of his material being repeated.

His main catch phrase was 'just like that'.
The audience knew that nearly everything he said and done was part of the show.
Laughter came even from anticipation as to what would come next as well.
So, when he died live on TV, the audience laughed all the way through it!

He wore a red fez and anyone who goes to Morocco markets can expect a fez seller to do an impression of Tommy - even to this day!
For those who don't know about Tommy Cooper, here is a video showing what he did to make us laugh back then.

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